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mercredi 24 septembre 2008


Cosmis Orgone Engineering / Ingénierie de l'Orgone Cosmique

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Voici le sommaire :

Wilhelm Reich
CORE (Cosmic Orgone Engineering)
OROP Desert
Part 1: Space Ships, DOR & Drought
( Publications of the Orgone Institute, Vol. VI, Nos. 14,
July 1954 )


Introduction to OROP Desert

(1) Expansion & Contraction in the Atmospheric OR Energy ~ Behavior of smoke;
Nature of fog; Dispersive qualities of OR energy; Distribution of rainfall; Where does
the moisture come from? Clues to answer; the ring around the sun; Seasonal
expansion & contraction of OR envelope.

(2) Space Ships & Desert Development ~ DOR & Melanor; Smog; Symptoms of
DOR sickness; Quest for source of DOR & Melanor; Functional meaning of Melanor;
Deterioration of forests; Scope of Cosmic Engineering; Clarification of the source of
Melanor; Visitors from outer space; Space ships & DOR; Principle of Life on Earth

(3) DOR Removal & Desert Development ~ DOR Clouds; Stillness & bleakness;
Disappearance of sparkle from the landscape; Human awareness of DOR; Geiger
counter reactions to DOR; Use of OR potential; The lightning rod; Destroying &
creating clouds; Lifting fog; The "spiral draw".

(4) OROP Desert Project ~ Change from earthly to cosmic perspective; Danger of
desert to life; Mass functions have developed from primordial energy functions;
Mountains impede OR streams; Deserts can be made green; Blueprints for the
fructification of deserts.

(5) OROP Rangeley (August 12,
1952) ~ DORaffected
clouds; Dissipation of clouds
& absence of thunderstorms
over Organon; Dynamics of drought clouds; Breaking
drought; Functions opposing drought.

(6) OROP Ellsworth (July 56,
1953) ~ Drought broken; Failure to draw from zenith;
Protocol of drawing operation; Fog front rolls in from ocean; Gentle rain falls; Reports
on OROP Ellsworth; Monitoring Oranur atmosphere; Plague activities.

(7) OROP Orgonon (July 23, 1953) ~ Development of a new drought; Dilemna
resulting from drought; Failure of extended draws; Prolonged east to west OR flows;
"Backwash"; heavy rain in New York; TeleOROP;
Destruction of thunderheads;
Friendly activities on behalf of OROP Desert.

(8) OROP Children's Parade (August 89,
1953) ~ Request for rainfree
day; Not
promised experimentation
only; Problem of how to keep sky clear; Drawing from
west with one tube; Rain prevented from falling over Rangeley.

(9) OROP Boston (September 2, 1953) ~ CORE Operator a trustee only of natural
functions; Attempt to relieve cities; Weather Bureau informed; Simultaneous threeCloudbusters
draw; Protocol of OROP Boston; Storm unpredicted hits Boston; relief
from heat; Desert is inevitable result of the immobilization of OR energy;
Contradictions in Weather Bureau forecasts; Foundations of Oranur Weather Control.

(10) OROP Galactic Stream, Hancock (October 22, 1953) ~ The Galactic OR
Stream is real; DOR Removal near ocean; First report of a student operator; Nothing is
unimportant in Cosmic Engineering; Drawing against Galactic Stream; Rain goes
toward northeast while winds come form northeast; Chain reaction storms; Drought
again broken; Caution and daring needed; Gradient of dryness toward Southwest;
Need to regulate Cloudbuster operations; Space ships & space problems; Outlook.
Appendix ~ (A) Rules to follow in Cloud Engineering; (B) Protocols of the first 97 DOR
removal operations [Only one example included]; (C) Documentary record on
information given regarding Oranur, DOR & Weather Control [Not included]

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